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If there’s one good thing to come out of 2016, it’s that I’ve got a new favourite restaurant. Not much consolation for you, admittedly, but for today I’m the Thanet Ostrich, glossing over the shit dished out last year. And so it was that the amazing and quite lovely Mr Deeson (he of Pork & Co fame) advised me of a place in Deal to scuttle along to when I was feeling peckish. Knowing full well I’d be ravenous over the Christmas period I heeded his words and booked a table. Thank goodness I did, as Frog and Scot was decidedly rocking when we came a-knocking. At lunchtime in Deal? Quelle Surprise! / I cannae believe it! At this bistro you’ll be happy to discover that the menu is short and the staff are sweet. I was lucky and chose the black truffle risotto. Mrs G was luckier and picked the ham hock terrine with white pudding and cranberry. Wow. The next course was a dead heat. My confit pork belly tasted like piglets bathing in ambrosia (the God’s food, not the rice pudding) and her poached smoked haddock with curried celery veloute reminded us just how seldom you’re served perfectly cooked fish. I truly cannot find a bad thing to say. I love that a glass of anything from the wine list would make me smile. I really love the set menu being £13.95 for two courses and £16.95 for three. But most of all I love the shared tarte tatin. It made me forget all the bad desserts I’ve ever eaten and remember what a bunch of fuckwits those Brexiteers are. Parfait.img_2073

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